Some photos from our show in Reno, NV.
Taken by the very talented Tom Bourke.

The Show
Photos taken from our live show (photos are not life-size).

Platt Brother History
If you like history, you'll love this!

Fan Art
Now hanging in the prestigious Platt Brothers Gallery (aka our refrigerator).

When We Were young
We used to look almost exactly like this.

Woodward West
Who knew camp counselors could be so stylish?

Crystal Pier
Beach day with the Platt brothers!

Los Dos Maracas De Muerte!

Promotional Photos
They pretty much promote themselves!

Cirque du Soleil - Microsoft Kinect Launch
Check out Cheetah's ridiculous wig!

Woodward 2010
Like summer camp, but way better!

3D Film Factory Shoot
Check this gallery out quick before 4D comes along and makes it obsolete.

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