A production of extraordinary acrobatics, lively music, hilarious dance, and serious comedy.

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The Platt Brothers is a self-produced, all-original show created and performed by three real-life brothers: Cy, Boone, and Cheetah Platt. Utilizing their incredible physical talents, boundless imagination, and infectious enthusiasm, the Platts translate the classic coming-of-age tale into an epic journey filled with excitement and mishaps. The Platt Brothers brings to life the exuberance of youth and the adventures of childhood; it explores the magical connections shared by families and strengthened through uninhibited use of imagination.

The show opens with a whirlwind of dance, all-original music, and gravity-defying acrobatics. The sheer explosive energy exhibited in the opening number ignites the audience’s imagination and welcomes them to the exciting world of being a Platt. Three-part a cappella harmonies follow, punctuating laugh-out-loud narratives of family adventures and sibling quarrels. Cheers of glee and squeals of mock terror erupt as the Platts transform themselves into lifelike dinosaurs, Scotsmen, and robots, masterfully drawing the audience into a world of imagination and intrigue.

The Platt Brothers is a show for the entire family. Showcasing skilled acrobatics alongside classic slapstick comedy, the brothers' performance is just as captivating for adults as it is for children. The show’s inclusive nature, paired with the Platt brothers’ charm and improvisational talents, ensures that the performance is always unique and relevant, regardless of the venue or audience.

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Corporate Events

The versatility of The Platt Brothers makes it a perfect accompaniment to any function. The brothers’ extensive repertoire and adaptability as performers allows the performance to integrate smoothly and seamlessly within any event. Available for short, stand-alone performances or longer productions, The Platt Brothers provides entertainment while maintaining audience focus.

With previous clients including Qualcomm, Coca-Cola, and Biofilm, The Platt Brothers is as suitable for large corporations as it is for small businesses.

Educational Programs

Having been first introduced to the performing arts by a ballet assembly at their elementary school, the Platt brothers place a constant priority on educational outreach. Their school assembly program reaches thousands of children each year, stressing the importance of imagination, physical activity, and healthy lifestyles. The Platt brothers strive to make themselves a feasible option for any educational program. By keeping their technical requirements simple, the Platt brothers have been able to bring their performance to a much wider audience.

They are also available for teacher trainings, workshops, and other educational outreach programs specifically tailored to fit your needs. 


Reviews and recommendations
for The Platt Brothers

The San Diego Union Tribune
"...clean curse-free energy. And you will laugh your bleep off."
" irresistible in their exuberance, vivacity, talent and goodwill."
"...impeccable three-part harmony."

Dennyse Sewell
Youth Programs Director, The Pioneer Center

Prudence Wildman
Festival Manager, Artown (

KayAnn Pilling
Principal, Rita Cannon Elementary


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